Volunteer Opportunities


If you are interested in impacting the nations and the leaders of tomorrow, here are some practical ways you can serve International Christian Fellowship at UConn.

Culinary Missionaries: An important ministry to international students is to serve by providing part of a meal on a Friday night every Three (3) Months. We have an organized process coordinating our numerous contributors.  You would be assigned a category (meat, veggie, dessert, salad) and you would be asked to provide your food by 6pm, delivered hot/cold as necessary. 

Friendship Partner:   If you would like to engage in an ongoing, supportive friendship with a student, a married couple, or even a couple with children, you would enjoy being Friendship Partner.  The heart of this role is cultivating a friendship and sharing the love of Christ in practical ways including practicing English.  You meet at mutually convenient times for you and the student.  Sometimes transportation is an issue so you may need to come to campus and/or provide transportation.  

Kitchen Help:   If you have a culinary interest and enjoy international cuisine, perhaps this is a place for you to serve.  We are looking for people to set up and organize the meals we receive from our Culinary Missionaries.  Our gatherings center around the concept of a shared meal.  It is an important part of who we are.  Our kitchen servants are essential to opening doors for us to share the love of Christ with our students.

Airport Pick Up:   Students arrive here from all over the world.  They come in to Bradley Airport and JFK most of the time.  If you can pick up a student or two as well as all of their belongings and bring them to campus, you will have made an impression on them that will last a lifetime.

Small Group Leader:  As one who is a committed Christian, you share the truth of God's Word in a way that students can understand. In this role you will act as a facilitator and coach to engage students in discussions about the truths of God's word.    Having a grasp of the Word of God as well as a faith that has been maturing through the years is critical to this ministry.  

Set up/Clean Up: If you like "behind the scenes" kind of serving, helping with setting up tables, sound systems, and the like could be your calling.  In clean up, all the things we have used for the evening are put away in boxes and other storage containers, sweeping and mopping are done, and the room is reset.

Transportation to Meetings:  Sometimes we have students who need transportation to get to ICF meetings.  If you live the area and would like to help out, if you could provide assistance in getting students to ICF, we can get them home.    
Note: We have people who are currently involved in these areas of serving in these ministries.  They will help you learn how to do the tasks mentioned.  They have all the details, too.  The above descriptions are a very general outline of the responsibilities associated the opportunities to serve.
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