Our Leaders

Jon and Ruth (Hartunian-)Alumbaugh 

We have been a part of International Christian Fellowship even before they were married!  For over 25 years, Jon and Ruth have served at ICF in various capacities, the most recent being the co-head leaders since June, 2015.  They have genuinely enjoyed and appreciated the friendships made, the conversations had, and the scope of reach that ICF has had and will continue to have in the world, the present, and future!  Under the umbrella of the parent organization (International Students Inc.,http://www.isionline.org/ ), Jon and Ruth are Ministry Representatives.

Their children, Jonathan and Rosie, were "born" into the ministry and have had many adventures with the family.  Ruth home schooled the kids until college.  Jonathan has a degree in Computer Graphics and Design from the University of Massachusetts-Darthmouth.  He currently works in Massachusetts in a family print shop and is seeking a full time job so he can use his skills!  His website is jonathanalumbaugh.com.  Check out his amazing designs!

Rosie graduated from the University of Minnesota in May, 2017 with her BA in Theater Arts: Design and Technology with a minor in film studies.  Her focus is in production/stage management and carpentry.  She is currently working at various theaters in the Minneapolis area as well as Starbucks at the Mall of America.  She occasionally works at a local high school teaching theater arts to the "kids" there.

By day, Jon is a Mercedes Benz shop foreman at Carriage House Mercedes Benz.  He has distinguished himself in this area and is a Master Mechanic.  He has been an MB guy for about 40 years.  He is now partially retired and considering taking another full day off since he works half days now.

Ruth teaches music at home (mostly piano) and has gone back to her profession as a Music Therapist, providing services at home and in other locations. You can see her website (which Jonathan helped her create) at www.musicandmoreint.com.   She also works at Camp Care in Columbia, CT. where she writes grants and seeks funding for a therapeutic horseback riding business.   She is the current Music Director at the Willington Federated Church.  She is also a contributing writer to The Chronicle (local paper) writing stores about local food and the like. Ruth  teaches ESL with the Vernon Adult Education program, accompanies for the Jorgensen Outreach for Youth, and performs in various places since she now has a portable, quality piano keyboard.

Jon and Ruth invite you to contact them if you would like further information about them and the ministry God has entrusted them with.  

Jon and Ruth have a fund that they draw from for expenses such as food, transportation costs, technology upgrades, and other things that are consumable.  If you would like to donate to their fund, you may do so by going to this web link (http://www.isionline.org/Home/Staff/StaffDirectory.aspx).  You can also send in a donation to this address with our names in the "memo" line of your check and/or our ministry fund account number which is 5141;

International Students, Inc.
PO Box C
Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2901

It is a new season in life for all!  Jon and Ruth are trusting that the next years will reap a harvest even greater than the past.  They are humbled in this new position and covet your prayers as they move forward!


Pastor David and Joan Ferrero
They have served faithfully with ICF for about a decade now.  They are an unstoppable couple of bring life to our Culinary Missionary part of ministry as well as spiritual wisdom and guidance.  We are grateful for their love of internationals that goes WAY beyond meeting on Friday nights.  They have been married over 50 years and pastor Mansfield Christian Fellowship in Mansfield, CT.

Neil Gordon - A native of Trinidad I have lived in the USA since 1999, a resident of NYC, upstate NY and now CT. I meet my lovely wife in Upstate NY and started our Family. My son and daughter will often accompany me to ICF meetings. Computers have always been my passion and I am fortunate to work in the IT field. A tinkerer  at heart I am always fixing or restoring something, like my 2001 Ram 1500 Pickup and looking to add a Bass boat to my restoration projects, as other that Christ, Bass fishing is my Passion.

Currently Maintaining the ICF Website

Yueh-chiang (John) Han (
4th year Ph.d. student in UConn, MCB (Molecular and Cell Biology) department.
Been in ICF for 3 years.
Currently serve as CFO (chief financial officer) of ICF.
Regularly serve as MC (master of ceremony) in Friday night meeting.

e-mail: yuehchianghan@gmail.com

John Macharia (
I am a 3rd year PhD Chemistry student (Inorganic Chemistry) from Kenya. I was introduced to ICF one and a half years ago and this has been my fellowship ever since. I love traveling, workouts and meeting new people. I currently serve as the secretary and regularly serve as the MC. Through ICF my knowledge of scripture, understanding of Faith and my love for people has tremendously increased.

Emily Daher Fiagbedzi  (Secretary)

Jim and Winnie Blanchard

Jim and Winnie are regular volunteers with ICF and part of the leadership team. Jim also directs the worship program.

Jim has been involved in various student ministries, including Campus Crusade for Christ, as well as missions, inner city evangelism and discipleship, teaching, drama, puppetry and worship. Jim works in digital media, creating marketing videos, animation and retail websites for the Internet. He formerly produced children's video games and television shows, and is a Bible geek and sci-fi/fantasy fan.

Winnie is a native of Guangzhou, China, but prior to immigrating to the US lived in Sanya, Hainan, a popular tourist location hailed as the “Chinese Hawaii”. For many years she was an active volunteer in the Church in China, and studied under the teaching of Samuel Lamb. She attended the Luthersk Missions Højskole (LMH) Bible School in Hillerød, Denmark, and also worked for ten years at Proctor & Gamble.

Aside from their mutual love of Christ and ministry, Jim and Winnie are also passionate about painting, design and DIY.

Email: jimdblanchard@yahoo.com

Sara Crissy
Sara Crissy is a faithful friendship partner and food service worker to the spiritually and psychically hungry international students and scholars at the University of Connecticut.  She truly likes to make sure these visitors and students have time away from the demands of campus life so they have a chance to experience some of what life is all about. She offers distractions of all kinds.  Driving in America, special trips, visits to American homes, helping with conversational English, seeing plays and concerts, hosting picnics and American Holiday meals are just a few examples of the distractions she regularly invites her international friends to experience.  Mostly she hopes they will experience the "Way" to and the "Way" of Christ Jesus and that they will see how God is blessing them in this strange new nation they currently reside in.